My Podcast Interviews about Eyewitness Identification Experts and Causes of Wrongful Convictions

I love a good podcast. I started with This American Life and took off from there. Podcasts allow me to multitask in a way television and the internet do not; I can listen hands-free while walking my dog, driving, or cooking dinner. I was thus tickled and honored to be interviewed earlier this year for two wonderful podcast series.

The first was Undisclosed, which began by following Adnan Syed’s case and branched out into other innocence-related topics. Here is my wide-ranging conversation with one of the hosts, Colin Miller, about common causes of wrongful convictions:

The second was, a lively resource created by defense attorney Samuel Partida, Jr. He and I talked about expert testimony on eyewitness identification in light of a recent key Illinois Supreme Court decision:

Criminal Nuggets: Podcast on Eyewitness Identification Litigation

If you listen to the above and are hungry for more, check out these additional podcasts relating to criminal law and wrongful convictions:

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